The USA – Washington Take Two

A long, stormy drive took us from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia. Upon leaving the foothills of the North Shore Mountains and descending towards Vancouver, the skies cleared and temperatures soared into the 20s. What a sudden and dramatic difference with the North. Spring has arrived. Finally!

Tip: discover Vancouver by bike. If you’re smart, you don’t hire them right next to Stanley park. For some spare change, you and your complimentary helmet will have a full afternoon of two-wheeled, action packed fun :)

Stanley Park - Vancouver
Stanley Park – Vancouver

Even in the streets, Canadas crown jewel surprises. Take the “Vancouver Duck Lady” as an example: want to know your future, need a party-planner or just craving to pet a small farm animal? The duck lady is there for you!

The Vancouver Duck Lady
The Vancouver Duck Lady

Two days and a dinner in a luxury high-riser (it’s always good to know people all over the globe) was all it took to fall in love with this place. See you soon again, Vancouver!

A room with a view - Vancouver
A room with a view – Vancouver

A quick stop in, once again, Seattle (mainly for Amazon-delivered goodies) set us on course towards the Cascade volcanoes of Washington and Oregon. First stop: mighty Mount Rainier. Result: road and park closed. A minor panic-attack later we decided to drive around Rainier National Park to slip in via the Paradise entrance. And Paradise it was. Meters of snow, deep blue skies and an enormous volcanic peak right in front of you. The rest of the day was spent happily snow-shoeing across the slopes of the active volcano. A winter wonderland.

Mt. Rainier - Washington
Mt. Rainier – Washington

Next on the to do-list was Mount Saint Helens, world famous because of its 1980 record-breaking eruption. Upon our hike to the Johnston Ridge Observatory, Didem spotted the little fella pictured below. A standard frog, you say? No! Besides the fact that thousands of them had been keeping us awake every night since we left Seattle, the sound of the Pacific Tree Frog is the typical “rib-it” call used each and every time a frog sound is needed. There, you didn’t know that, did you?

Pacific Tree Frog - The frog!
Pacific Tree Frog – The frog!

Mount Saint Helens is pretty impressive. It’s hard to imagine by just looking at a picture, but in person you realise how massive the eruption and resulting debris blast must have been. Everything, as far as the eye can see, is destroyed. Trees flattened and the land filled with meters of ashes and rocks. Truly one of the wildest sites I have ever been to (especially now, with the roads closed and not a soul on the trails)!

Didem - Mt. Saint Helens
Didem – Mt. Saint Helens

Following: Hipsters, trees, little seaside towns and more volcanoes!

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  1. Something special for Didem to day – 6/5/2016

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