Canada – The Yukon

It’s time to head South. Ready to drive the (in)famous Alaska Highway, connecting Alaska with Canada’s Yukon Territories from Fairbanks to Tok, we prepared ourselves to face extreme road conditions, broken-down vehicles with half-dead drivers calling for help and isolated towns who never saw a foreigner before. Aside from the last one, none of those rumours are true. The ALCAN is an excellent drive with wide lanes, a smooth surface and caring, helpful people in little villages. One of those villages, Tok, gave us the mental energy to spend another icy night in the car.

Tok - A moonlit goodbye show
Tok – A moonlit goodbye show

Enter Canada! How much money you have, that’s all they care about. Purpose of the trip? What do you plan to do with the car? Do you even have any insurance for that thing? Nope, not important. Off you go, enjoy Canada, hey!

After hundreds and hundreds of kilometres in the tundra, awesome is it is, though, the landscape starts to bore a bit. There is really nothing out there. Just an endless road lined with snow-covered evergreen trees. Didem starts to feel the long hours in the car. We are covering 350km a day now, which is more than double the planned average for the trip.

Just when we realize that the most exciting activity of the day is watching the fuel gauge go down, we pass Destruction Bay and the borders of Kluane National Park. No more boring snow covered plains, but once again exciting lakes and mountains. Yay!

Mountains - Kluane National Park
Mountains return – Kluane National Park

We cannot hide our excitement when entering Whitehorse, the capital of Canada’s Yukon. Yes, it is a small city in the middle of nowhere, just like Fairbanks. Yet, somehow they managed to be the exact opposite: an attractive, vibrant place full of interesting things to explore. Japanese Sushi in the evening and fresh cupcakes for breakfast? Yep!! It might seem like nothing, but after days of noodles and warmed-up tin cans this is paradise.

The mighty Yukon river carved out Miles Canyon right at the edge of Whitehorse. A surprisingly different landscape than the mountain – tundra – frozen lake – tundra scenery we have been seeing for some time now. Oh, we just crossed our first “road closed sign”. Many more to follow, for sure.

Whitehorse - Miles Canyon
Whitehorse – Miles Canyon

Gotta go now, or they will kick us out of the hotel :) Next stop: Alberta and SW Canada!

2 thoughts on “Canada – The Yukon”

  1. the Yconriver, is that de river who passed Seatle, and go’s to Canada? That was very beautiful.

    Very nice but a big adventure, no more for me, a little to old.
    enjoy it.


    1. The Yukon starts in Canada, passes the Yukon Territories and ends in the Bering Sea. I don’t think you’ve seen it :)

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