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Family of 4, mad about all things travel and adventure.

I’m Emma, and those other feet over there in the photo? They belong to my husband Gary and our two little adventure boys, Henry and Ralph.

We have always loved to travel and are passionate about spending time outdoors. Living in Devon, we spend lots of time on the beach and exploring beautiful local areas, and we try to travel with the children as much as we can. I have always loved photography and people kept telling me to share my photos and our adventures, so here we are; “where the wild ones go”.

A place for travel enthusiasts, lovers of the outdoors and families looking for inspiration. We blog about our experiences and travel, both near and far, and try to share top tips for family travel (the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly!)

Fuelled by caffeine (adults) and snacks (boys), we hope you enjoy the site and the places we share.

Emma and the Wild ones x

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