Top 10 things to do at Epcot

By Emma

Epcot was one of our favourite parks when we visited Orlando; it is really unique and has quite a different feeling to parks like Magic Kingdom. We loved the slightly more laid back pace of it and the world show case is absolutely amazing. I could spend days wandering around it and sampling all the food! There is so much on offer at Epcot in terms of food and drink, and the theming of each of the countries is incredible. There are also some big rides here, some of which will definitely be on any ‘must do’ list. For us, as a family, we loved the combination of rides, shows, food and evening entertainment at the park.

Here are our top 10 experiences at Epcot:

1. ‘Soarin’ around the World’

We absolutely loved this ride and it would definitely be a must do for us at Epcot. Essentially you take a trip across the globe as if hand gliding. It is spectacular and the children absolutely loved it. Your journey begins as the clouds part above the majestic Swiss Alps. Next, you’ll visit polar bears in icy Greenland, swoop past sailboats on Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbour and weave between elephants marching toward Mount Kilimanjaro. So so good.

2. Test Track

This was top of the list for our 10 year old; he had been desperate to do it so we headed there first thing on the day we visited. We only ended up queuing for about 25 minutes as a result which was brilliant. You get to design a virtual concept car and then test it on the track. So fast and so much fun! Our 5 year old loved it too, so a good one for all the family.

3. Mission SPACE

On Mission SPACE you get to blast off on a thrilling simulated NASA-style mission to Mars (or an orbit of the earth for a more gentle option). We loved that there were two options for this; we opted for the more gentle ride through space with the children.

4. Spaceship Earth

On this classic ride you get to travel through time and see the developments in human communication from the Stone Age to the computer age. This is a 16 minute Omni-mover style attraction, with elaborate sets and advanced Audio-Animatronics figures.

5. Maple Popcorn

You cannot go to Epcot and not try the maple popcorn. Our boys favourite snack I think! Head to the Canada area of the world showcase for the popcorn stand. If you have the refillable popcorn bucket you can use it here. Delicious.

6. Dinner at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse!

The smokehouse in the America area of the world showcase was one of our favourite quick service restaurants. The food was delicious, the location lovely and the prices were good (really generous portions too). Big thumbs up from the children too as the kid menus were great. Meats, macaroni cheese, salads, fries. All really nice. There is a cool cocktail bar here too if you’re looking for a treat.

7. Gran Fiesta Tour

In this fun family-friendly ride you get to take in the sights of Mexico and the antics of 3 featured amigos on a gentle boat ride. Super cute theming and the children loved it.

8. ‘Harmonious’ nighttime spectacular

The evening show at Epcot was fantastic and definitely a highlight of our time there, so I would totally recommend including this in your itinerary. This is one of the largest nighttime spectaculars ever created for Disney Parks. The show is a beautifully crafted medley of classic Disney music and visuals reinterpreted by a culturally diverse group of 240 artists from all around the world. There are loads of places to sit or stand and enjoy the show, and the children absolutely loved it.

9. The American Adventure

This is a show unlike any other; set in a really beautiful building and definitely worth seeing. You meet Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, who guide the audience through a history of America, witnessing landmark events like landing of the Mayflower, the Boston Tea Party, the winter at Valley Forge, the penning of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War and the Great Depression. 10 different sets are stored under the stage and then move forwards and backwards to tell the story. It is very clever and worth seeing for its unique style.

10. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

This is a super cool 4D ride in which you feel like you are shrunk down to the size of a rat. So much fun, and the children absolutely loved it. Based on the Disney pixar movie, Ratatouille, which is one of our boys’ favourites, this is definitely worth having on your ‘must do’ list for Epcot.

*We didn’t get to ride Guardians of the Galaxy but would love to on a future trip – worth checking out (it is currently bookable as a virtual queue). We also missed Frozen on this trip as waiting times were just too long for the children, but this is another ride which gets rated highly.

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